A little about me

I am UX Designer and Creative Director with over 12- years experience crafting brand engagement. I think the best work comes from authentic expression and open collaboration. I love working with brands and people that trust the process and know themselves.

I believe it is fundamental to distinctly draw out a client’s core narrative in order to enhance their messaging through visual and experiential means. As an empathetic listener attuned to user behavior, I create collaborative solutions based on human insight; design is in my DNA. I  am driven, detail-oriented, observant, and dedicated to authentic expression in order to build optimal user experience.

Travel has also enhanced and informed my design process. Seeing, tasting, and experiencing places, textures, and flavors has helped me bring both variety and consistency to my work. Traveling, one often has to rely on senses rather than direct language to navigate the world. Wayfinding for example, uses known iconography to help users navigate an unknown space. While in dining, a basic dish can be transformed by a new preparation or adding an unexpected ingredient.

I believe the same applies to design, finding foundational elements to guide users and unique experiences to bring delight to the process.