Future Perfect

Auufa | Website

UX Research and Design | Scrum


The lack of standardization and open communication in the architecture industry leads to inefficiency and wasted time, which ultimately decreases productivity and job satisfaction for architects.  


Design a platform to streamline communication and foster collaboration, reducing time spent on repetitive administrative tasks and allowing more room for the creative process.  

Our challenge as UX Designers was to identify insights and pain points, and determine what features would be crucial to a minimum viable product (MVP) that would get buy-in from the overarching industry. 



Where To | App

UX Research and Design


Finding space to go out in a group is a challenge in NYC. Venues often have open space throughout the week, but unless a formal reservation has been placed those spaces tend to go unused


How can we connect potential guests, in real-time, with the restaurants that have unused space?

This project allowed our team to dig into a real world problem and design a strategic answer based on user insights and inherent needs. Through in-depth user interviews, competitive analysis, and a thoughtful design process, we created a tool that answers the question of any large group looking for a great night - Where To?

Kitt Peak National Observatory | Website

UX Research and Design


Kitt Peak National Observatory, a world class research facility has seen a decline in visitors and online bookings for tours in the past few years. The current site is disorganized and users have trouble finding key information and making reservations. How might a redesign help enhance the visitor experience online, increase reservations made online?


Increase visitors to Kitt Peak National Observatory by making it easier for website users to:

  • Find information about the observatory (exhibitions, tours, etc.)

  • Plan a visit

  • Make reservations for program offerings, especially the popular  Nightly Observing Program

This site redesign focused heavily on information architecture, site reorganization and streamlining user flows. It was research heavy process emphasizing site functionality, simplifying reservation processes, and ensuring ease of access to core site content.



Etsy | App

UX Research and Design | Feature Integration


Etsy is an incredibly robust marketplace for unique items, however identifying customizable products and sellers remains a challenge for both buyers and sellers.


How can we make customized items and sellers more easily accessible on the Etsy app and streamline the customization process?

This project was really interesting in that working with an existing framework allowed the team to be targeted and nuanced in our research process. We also had to ensure all revisions and additions worked seamlessly and did not disrupt expectations and understanding of the design ecosystem. User insights in the research process and feedback in usability testing were critical to the creation of the final product.

Renew Campaign

Redeemer Presbyterian Church | UX/UI Design

This was a user interface design project I produced with a development and strategy team. The goal was to create a contained site that the user would never have to leave the main page. All content was contained within this simple and streamlined structure. We created a number of user paths based on end goals and ensured content was structured for maximum impact.


Canyon Road Site

Atlas spiritual design | User Interface Design

This website was created to coincide with the Canyon Road book launch. The goal was to create a site that informed the reader and also offered a sense of space and peace. The book and site are centered on prayer and the interface designed utilizes white space, wide margins, and thoughtful type selection to infuse the experience with a calming, sacred quality.