Canyon Road Book Design for Atlas Spiritual Design

This was an incredibly rewarding project, while it took nearly 9 months, the work paid off as it was selected as a first place winner in the New Book Awards. New York Book Awards recognizes exceptional work in the craft and design of books. The Atlas team was wonderful to work with and included Kari Reeves as author and project director and Bob Borden as Creative Director.


WORK Included

  • concept development

  • graphic design

  • typography

  • cover and interior layout

  • site design

  • external materials




Fascinate Book Cover

This was my first book cover and I fell in love with book design. Bringing the core concepts of a complex book to life through a single image is an exciting challenge. I love this piece and how immediately it engages and activates the essence of the book. 

Project Included:

  • Art Direction and Design for Cover

  • Design Pitch Press Kit

  • Presentation Design



Soulation is a unique organization providing answers for sturdy souls, studying the intersection of faith, philosphy and culture. This piece was commissioned to express what is means to "be human". We used a textured background and watercolor to illustratate how each of our lives is uniquely colored by our experience and also a constant work in progress.


the modern holiday card

Holiday Card for the Modern at Moma

This was an incredibly exciting and rewarding project. I was commissioned to create a holiday card that expressed the essence of the Modern. Everything the Modern does from service to the exquisite cuisine is inherently personal, authentic, crafted with passion. They have a unique blend of a minimialist aesthetic with hand crafted expression. The card used hand written notes from the staff to create a letter pressed texture on a minimalist card design. The result was a beautifully unique and highly personalized holiday greeting. 

City Seminary Invite

Invitation for City Seminary





This piece was created both as an online piece and as printed marketing collateral. It illustrated a research series on the impact of automation over the next 25 years.